Thursday, August 13, 2015

What Is Burning Man and How To Get Prepared For It.

Burning man is an annual one-week-long art and music festival held in Black Rock Desert in Nevada on the last week of August. It is the most badass party on the planet, where 60,000 participants sharing with each other the craziest ways to party, interact, live and love. Every year Burning Man unites amazing artists, musician, performers and other talents to create one of the best places on earth Burners call ‘Home’. Each camp and each burner become participants in gifting economy and create experiences for everyone around. For one week there is no money circulation or cell phone signal. All lectures, performances, attractions, music shows and bars are totally free.

Everyone wears a costume for which there are no guidelines, but most people prefer to choose post-apocalyptic Mad Mam style costumes. The bedrock of the dry lake where the festival takes place is called The Playa. The three main structures on the Playa are: the man (Burning Man), the Temple (for meditation and for resolving inner conflicts), and the Center Camp (the only place with money circulation where you can buy only two or three things like coffee or ice). Around these three objects a city is build in the form of a broken-circle with streets from 1 o’clock to 10 o’clock and from A to L. 

This resource is targeted to help you find a ticket if you were unable to buy one at the individual sale. In How to get Burning Man tickets we cover all possible legal ways to find tickets, so you never have to miss the Burn due to no ticket problem.

We also prepared an ultimate Burning Man supplies list. It covers pretty much all the essentials you are going to need out in the Black rock City. The list is broken down into three categories: Personal things, Camp things (that camp members can share), and bikes and bike accessories. This list is powered by Amazon, and is very easy and safe to search through and add to cart.

In Burning Man Music we cover all the biggest sound camps. It is very hard to choose just a few, because tons of camps have music and DJ’s, but we wanted to cover only the most popular and most-known. Feel free to add your comments and suggest your thoughts on this.

Burning Man Art section covers some of the most impressive art pieces ever installed on the Playa and stunning art car driven around Black Rock City. It is impossible to find this much crazy self-expression art pieces anywhere in the world except here. There is no limitation or censorship on any of the art pieces displayed – true freedom of thought.

After visiting Burning Man you will never be the same person you were before. Your faith in humanity will be restored and it all will start to make perfect sense. You will be very impressed how many beautiful people are on this planet that share your values and are amazing at friendship. Once a Burner, always a Burner. Don’t be afraid to explore Burning Man culture and your inner self. 

For more info on the subject go to or read the Wikipedia 

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